Jewelry display mini soptlight

small size for narrow and special space
recessed, surface track mountted
1w 2w 3w
beam angle adjustable 10-55degree

2200k 2400k 2700k 3000k 3500k 4000k 5000k

Jewelry display mini soptlight is a kind of lighting device specially designed for jewelry display solution. to highlight the brilliance and unique charm of jewelry through carefully designed lighting effects. There are many factors to consider when choosing jewelry display lights.

First, make sure that the light color of the lamp matches the color of the jewelry

Secondly, the CRI(color rendering index) is also an important indicator. Lamps with high color rendering index can more truly restore the color and details of jewelry.

In addition, beam control is also key. Precise beam control can avoid light overflow or unnecessary shadows, ensuring that every detail of the jewelry can be fully displayed.

From us, there are many types of jewelry display lights to choose from, including LED spotlights, led track lights, led linear cabinet lights and mini or slim neon flex, all  have the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, long life, higher brightness and color rendering.

Linearlfuxx mini spotlight usually feature high brightness and high intense, high color rendering CRI>98, and precise beam control 15° 25° 30° and beam angle adjustbale from 15° to 55° to ensure that jewelry displays the best results at different angles and distances.

parameters as followings:

Item No. Material Size Power Beam angle Color temperature RA Lumen Flux Voltage
LX-JW01S-1W AL+PC 300mm 1w 15°/ 25°/ 45° 22K/24K27K/30K/35K/40K/50K 55K/65K >98 90 DC24V
LX-JW01S-2W AL+PC 300mm 2w 15°/ 25°/ 45° 22K/24K27K/30K/35K/40K/50K 55K/65K >98 180 DC24V
LX-JW01S-3W AL+PC 300mm 3w 15°/ 25°/ 45° 22K/24K27K/30K/35K/40K/50K 55K/65K >98 270 DC24V