High efficiency 200lmw erp strip lights

Reliable LED LM-80 certificated

80 128 160 192 240LED per meters


8mm 10mm FPCB

200lmw led strip

The light strip with  effiiency of 200lmW has significant features and advantages, which make it uniquely competitive in the lighting market

First of all, its high efficiency performance is the most outstanding feature of the light strip. reaching 200lmW means that it can provide sufficient brightness and achieve efficient energy conversion while consuming less power.  not only helps reduce energy consumption and electricity bills, but also helps reduce the impact on the environment, in line with the trend of energy conservation and environmental protection.

Secondly, light strips with a light efficiency of 200lmW usually have the characteristics of long life. This is due to the high-quality LED chips and electronic components used, as well as optimized heat dissipation design. This allows the light strip to maintain stable performance during use, reduce the frequency of repairs and replacements, and save maintenance costs for users.

In addition, light strips with a light efficiency of 200lmW usually have excellent light color consistency. This means that the light emitted by the light strip is uniform and soft in color, without color difference . This consistency not only improves the aesthetics of the lighting effect, but also helps create a more comfortable and pleasant lighting environment.

Spec on erp 200lmw led strip lights

Item No. LX-SL2835-64-40K LX-SL2835-80-40K LX-SL2835-128-40K
Colors 4000K  4000K  4000K
LED and IC 64 80 128pcs
Input Voltage 24V
Power 5W 7.2w 12w
PCB Double layer 2 Oz w8x5000mm  2oz W10x5000mm
CRI w>80
Cutting space 50MM
lumen flux 1000lm 1440lm 2400LM
Item No. LX-SL2835-160-40K LX-SL2835-192-40K LX-SL2835-240-40K
LED chip 160 192 240
Input Voltage 24V
Power 14W  17W 21W
FPCB Thinness 3 Oz w10x5000mm
CRI >80
Cutting space 83.33
lumen flux 2800LM 3400LM 4200LM