Light Up Your Space with Linearfluxx’s LED Neon Flexible Lighting.

Want cutting-edge lighting for indoor or outdoor facade lighting? Linearfluxx offers LED neon flexible lighting. Customize your space at your will and add a modern, vivid  and techtouch with these adaptable lighting strips.

Why Are LED Neon Flex Lights Unique?

LED neon flex light has several advantages over traditional lighting. The lights are:

Flexible: LED neon rope light which is made of slicone glue or TPU flexible, u can bend them in side bending and top bending, even 3D bending

Durable: LED neon flexible lights UV-protection IP67 can withstand hard environments and heavy use.

 Safe: These lights work at lower temperatures and voltages12 24v, reducing burns and electrical risks.

Creative LED Neon Flex Strip Uses

The possibilities with led neon lights are boundless. Several lights may improve your area in several ways:

  • Use neon flex led light to highlight architectural details like outdoor facade or furniture like cabinets.
  • Backlighting with neon flexes light behind furniture or wall art adds color and dimension to a room.
  • Event Design: Use LED neon flexible lighting to create amazing lighting displays for parties, weddings, and other special occasions.
  • Create unique signage using neon flex LED strip lights for your company or house.

Benefits of using Linearfluxx for LED neon lighting

High-quality products: Our LED neon flexible lights perform and last well.

Options for customization: Find the right length, color, and different size pattern for you.

Support from experts: Our staff can assist you choose and installing the right neon flex light.