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Why Linearfluxx Neon flex

Neon flex strip was be taken one of the most promising products in the development of LED lighting. It has been developed for more than one decade since the LED neon light strip was invented. After several generations of product updates and iterations, the latest linearflux silicone LED  neon flex has the features of : […]

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led flex strip flex neon in lighting design

Flexible lighting in lighting design LED strips are popular because they are flexible and can be used in different places. The home suspended ceiling is no longer the only choice for decorative lighting. Using simple light strips can also improve the space to a higher level. Today we look at where to use light strips […]

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Linearfluxx LIGHTING TERMS Beam Angle (Spread): The central part of the beam of light from a reflector lamp (i.e. BR, MR and PAR types) where the intensity is 50% of the maximum candle power. BBBL: The Chromaticity Coordinate of LED is below theBlack Body Curve. Black Body / Black Body Radiator: An object that absorbs […]

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Three Musketeers-wall washering, wall grazing, and Internal transmitted light lighting for facade lighting

Why should we care about facade lighting? when comes to facade lighting, we will think that is the facade lighting of the achitechture,usually, today  the facade we are talking about  is the facade inside the house, that is, the wall. Why focus on facades? Think about whether you are standing or sitting, your eyes are […]

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Guide on cutting, wiring and installing of flexible LED strip lights

When purchasing luminaires, many friends will have difficulty while choosing, because there are various LED lamps on the market now . Flexible LED strip light, most friends should have heard of it, as it is useful for so many places, then do you know how to cut, install your flexible strip light? What is the […]