3D top and side bending LED  neon flex

3d  top& side bending LED neon flex
Side bend and top bend in one meet different installation
Injection module end-cap IP67 IP65
DC24V 48V With smallest voltage
LM-80 Lumileds osram led with longer life

16×16 3D bending neon flex

1. 12w super brightness

2. can be bend  in both veritical and horizental direction

3. private module 16×16 different from others

4. extrusion high transmittance silicone glue

5. Anti-UV injection end-cap IP67 for outdoor

6. selected LM-80 Osram lumileds ensure long life

7. customized services avaliable

8. L70B50 50,000hrs for indoor;  L70B50 30,000hrs for outdoor

16×16 top and side bending led neon flex dimensions:

16 300x172 - 3D bending neon flex 16x16 IP67


Item LX-NSL1616T-XXK-67
voltage 24VDC
current 500mA
Cut Space 50mm
CRI 90
Power 12W
Beding angle 45° min Diameter 100mm
CCT 2700K 3000k 4000k 5000k 6000k RGBW RGB
Lumen flux 12W/M 550LM 600LM 700LM 780LM 800LM 460LM 360LM