The most up-to-date Lighting: washing the wall clear and even or grazing your wall with dramatic effect.

Flexible wall grazer lighting is transforming space illumination, enabling creativity and neon flexs, these lights can be bent and shaped. Use 3D flex wall washer to create beautiful visual effects that turn any environment into art.

Consider using flexible neon grazer in your house or business. These lights may create a quiet or energetic atmosphere with unlimited personalization choices. They’re great for accenting architecture, art, or atmosphere.

Advantages of Flexible Neon wall washer Lighting

Customizable Design: Flexible neon wall washer light may be twisted and curved to fit any design, unlike regular neon lights. Unique installations and elaborate designs are great for them.

3D bending: u can bending them in both side and top bending

Precise optical control: there are symmetric 15° 25° 35° 60° 20°x50° and asymmetric beam angle 20x50x25°to meet your different light space

Durability:IP67 anti-UV Flexible neon lights are weatherproof and reliable for outdoor and indoor applications.

Linearfluxx offer flexi wall grazer with 14w 24w 36w and 48w to wall washing different heat of wall