RGB Fcob Cob Led Strip lights

RGB COB LED Strip lights

high intense R. G.B Chips inside very pure colors

784chips very even light effect

10mm width FPCB 18w to replacement tranditional smd5050 rgb stripe with affordable price

RGB cob strip lights features:

1.PCB Width 10mm 2Oz FPCB

2. San’an Chip inside, Bridgelex Chip also avaliable

3. 784pcs High efficiency Chip inside very even soft and comfortable light

4. 14W power consumtion with higher lumen output.

5.Max connection length 5m for one side feeding

6. L70B50 > 30,000hrs for indoor

7. support 0-10v DALI triac dimming, or Iot dimmer with PMW

Parameter of rgbW cob led stripe lights

Item No. LX-SLCOB-784-RGB-10 LX-SLCOB-784-RGBW-12 LX-SLCOB-784-RGBW-12
CCT RGB+3000K RGBW+4000K RGB+6000K
LED chip/Qty 784KPCS/Meter 784KPCS/Meter 784KPCS/Meter
Input Voltage 24VDC 24VDC
Power 18W 18W 18W
PCB Double layer 2Oz W10xL5000mm 2Oz W12xL5000mm 2Oz W10xL5000mm
Cutting space 25MM 25MM 25MM
lumen flux 560lm 560lm 560lm

Solder-free connectors for rgb rgbw cob led strip lights

instalation of 14.4w cob strips 300x147 - RGB Fcob Cob Led Strip lights