IP67 LED Flex grazer

3D Bending Can be bended in both vertical and horizontal
IP67 injection module end-cap on both sides
quick and convenient male and female IP67 connectors
Precise beam angle control 30D 45D 60D 20X45D
UV protection
customized service available

23X23 Silicone 3D Flex grazer features:

1. 3D bending both in vertical and horizental

2. IP67 Injection module end-caps in both sides

3. different kinds of feeding wires, from top, side and bottom

4. Brand led Osram Lumileds LED SDCM 3 steps Mac-adam

5. CRI 90 as standard, CRI 95 also avaliable

6. extrusion high transmittance silicone glue & PC Lens 30D 45D 60D 20x45D

7. Anti-UV not turn yellow

8. Max connection length 5m for one side feeding

9. Min bending dimater 15cm

10. L70B50 50,000hrs for indoor;  L70B50 30,000hrs for outdoor

Flexible led wall washer dimensions:

2323 Flex grazer size 247x300 - IP67 LED Flex grazer flex grazer bending 300x238 - IP67 LED Flex grazer

Parameters of flex led wall washer

Item NO. voltage Power Cut Space CRI Beam angle Beding angle CCT Lumen flux
LX-FW2323TS–60K-67 24V 21W 125mm >80 30 °  60 ° 20X45 ° 45° 6000K 2000
LX-FW2323TS–40k-67 4000K 1900
LX-FW2323TS–30K-67 3000K 1800
LX-FW2323TS–27K-67 2700K 1750
LX-FW2323TS–24K-67 2400K 1600
LX-FW2323TS–21K-67 2100K 1500