Sustainable and Cost-Effective, high CRI 90 ugr18 ugr13 vision comfortable LED Linear Light Benefits

Various optical beam angle for optional
120°prismatic PMMA diffuser with UGR<19, 30°45°60° and 10X60°for accent lighting wall washing and wall grazing, and UGR<13 for vision comfortable

Modular design u can change led drivers, lighting module,and emergency power supply at your wills.
Various kinds of connectors, like Y cross, Tand L which will come as a standard parts, in this case u can do DIY in your side and saving shiping cost.

Using LED linear light in your lighting design has several benefits. These energy-efficient lights use less power than standard ones. Their efficiency lowers power expenditures and carbon footprint, making them sustainable. LED linear lights also last longer and require less maintenance. Any lighting project benefits from their resilience and lifespan.

LED linear lights offer unmatched lighting design possibilities. Linear LED light allows you to emphasize architectural details, create mood lighting, or accentuate certain regions. They may be simply put in businesses, shops, residences, and outdoors. Their versatility and modern appearance guarantee that your lighting design performs its purpose and adds style to your environment.