360 Neon flex DMX512

Stable performance DMX512 IC Inside
Injection end-cap IP65
3Oz FPBC high intense LED inside very even light
UV Protection

IP65 360 neon flex features:

1. diameter 25mm the same size as T8 led tube

2. DMX512 IC from Taiwan
3. rich spare parts for suspension installation, and to make different kinds of patterns
4. extrusion high transmittance silicone glue ensure high lumen output and even light effect
5. Anti-UV not turn yellow
6. Max connection length 5m for one side feeding

7. Frabric covers

360 neon flex dimensions:

360 neon flex tube 300x300 - 360 Neon flex DMX512

360 neon flex bending diameters:

360 neon flex bending - 360 Neon flex DMX512

360 neon flex strip light parameters

voltage 24VDC
current 625mA
Cut Space NON Cuttable
CRI 90
Power 15w/M
Beding angle 45° min Diameter 100mm
CCT 6000K 4000K 3000K 2700K 2400K 2100K DMX512
Lumen flux 15W/M 1300LM 1250LM 1250LM 1200LM 1100LM 1000LM 300LM

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