0612 side bending led neon lights for sign

6X12mm lighting surface

2400K 2700k 3000k 4000k 6000k

Anti-UV extrusion silicone

9.6w 4.8w to meet different project demands

WS2812 dream color avaliable

0612 side bending led neon lights for sign

1. 4.8w  9.6w and customized power 2700K 3000k 4000K 6000K and rgb colors

2. side bending or horizental bending idea products for sign or lighting characters

3. tunable white, Dim to warm, RGB or other monochrone color

4. extrusion high transmittance silicone glue

5. Anti-UV will not turn yellow for long time use

6. selected LED selected colors to meet your different colors demands

7. One bin for one client and only one bin

8. L70B50 50,000hrs for indoor;  L70B50  30,000hrs for outdoor

0612 side bending led neon sign dimensions:

0612 1 300x155 - 0612 side bending led neon lights for sign


Item LX-NSL0612S-XXK-65
voltage 24VDC
current 200mA/400mA
Cut Space 50mm
CRI 90
Power 4.8W/9.6W
Beding angle 45° min Diameter 100mm
CCT 2700K 3000K 4000K 5000K 6000K RGBW RGB
Lumen flux 4.8W/M 150LM 160LM 180LM 190LM 200LM 50LM
9.6W 220LM 230LM 240LM 250LM 260LM 90LM

Size 4x8mm 6×6 ultral-slim

Dotless even and soft light

2200K 2700K 3000K 3500K 4000K 5000K 6000K

Slim aluminum profile available

CRI98 full spectrum to show true colors

Customized neon flexes service available

Bright and Adaptable Lighting: Our neon light for discount is best suited for all of your lighting requirements. Sign and decorating projects benefit from our ultral slim or mini neon side bending LED Neon strip light’ bright and adaptable lighting. For your preference, neon lights are available in 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 6000K, and RGB hues.

Flexible Construction: LED neon strip lights provide great signage and room accents. Their flexible construction lets you bend them vertically or horizontally to suit your view so buy neon lights. High-quality silicone adhesive makes our neon lights durable and transmitting.

Excellent Performance: Our LED neon RGB lights can illuminate a company sign or change your home. The fact that these lights are able to function for 50k hours indoors and 30k hours outdoors is evidence of their performance and long term durability.

Our neon lights for sale will brighten your life and make your projects stand out using LED strip light technology.