IP68 12X22 Side bending PVC neon flex

Why Linearfluxx Neon flex

Neon flex strip was be taken one of the most promising products in the development of LED lighting. It has been developed for more than one decade since the LED neon light strip was invented. After several generations of product updates and iterations, the latest linearflux silicone LED  neon flex has the features of : high brightness, long life, safety and energy saving, extrusion resistance and not fragile , easy to install, more resistant to high and low temperature and ect, the bright, beautiful, and other characteristics, makes neon flex strip are irreplaceable by any point lightting products, in terms of linear lighting indoor and outdoor, thus, led neon flex is becoming leader in the continuous emergence and competition of various lightting market.

Linearfluxx offer wide range silicone neon flex, side bending, top bending, 3D bending and 360 neon flex, all of them comes with, monochromatic color, dural color, RGB, RGBW, DMX512 RGB and RGBW, RGBAW.SP1 WS2812 WS2814 US1903  IP65 IP67 and IP68.

Side bending 

4X8 4X10 6X12 10X10 12X12 16X16 20X20 12X20 12X18 and customized size

1220 side bending 300x300 - Why Linearfluxx Neon flex

side bending neon flex











Top bending

8×8 10×10 12×12 15x 15 16×16 20×20, and 16×17 PVC neon flex, customized size

2020 top bending neon flex IP67 300x300 - Why Linearfluxx Neon flex










3d bending

16×6 3D bending, which is top bending and side bending in one.

3D 300x300 - Why Linearfluxx Neon flex

Top& side bending d2w neon











360 neon flex

we offer dia 18 23 and 25 360 neon flex, with dust protection.

IMG 2016 300x200 - Why Linearfluxx Neon flex

360 neon flex IP65








Features of linearfluxx neon flex

1. Excellent weather resistance: Extruded silica gel can maintain a normal  flexibility for a long time under the environment of -50°C~150°C; can be used in an environment of -20 to +45 degrees, resistant to extreme cold and high heat.

2. UV protection selected Extruded silica gel can be exposed to direct sunlight for a long time without yellowing for more than 5 years

3. Excellent light transmittance the light transmittance of extruded silica gel can be reached to 90%

4. Excellent twisting resistance: Reliable structure  design with and good flexibility. Using solid silica gel, the internal structure and external shape can be customized through  mold. It can be bent and twisted, suitable for various shapes, tearing and pulling, not easy to break and deform.

5.good thermal conductivity,the thermal conductivity of silica gel is 0.27W/MK, which is twice as high as that of PVC which is 0.14W/MK, and the effective heat dissipation makes life of the light strip inside is longer.

6. Corrosion resistance, silica gel can resist the corrosion of ordinary salt/alkali/acid, and can be used in special environments such as seaside/yacht/chemical industry/petroleum/mine/laboratory

7. Longer  life: improve on the basis of LED technology LM-80 LED selected, 3Oz FPBC, golde wires inside makes Linearfluxx’s neon flex has a longer  life

8. Energy saving: the LED at each point of the silicone neon light is a cold light, which only emits low heat, but also can save more than 70% of the energy consumption

9. Arbitrary bending: high flexibility, can be decorated into different patterns or characters according to the needs of users

10. 16 millions colors good color rendering index CRI80 CRI90 and CRI98, with RGB cct color adjustable,and brightness dimmable when using PWM Dimmer, like triac dimmable, 0/1-10V, DALI,DMX512, DNX, WIFI bluetooth, zigbee

11. Safety and environmental protection: It can operate normally under low voltage conditions and can be touched. Made with LEDs, it is low-carbon and environmentally friendly; it is not fragile, and it is convenient for long-distance transportation.

12.High IP protection, body of the product and the standard outlet connnectors, can fully meet the environmental application of IP65 IP67 standard, some even can pass the laboratory IP68 test standard, dip into the water less than 2m.


dotless cob strip light for facade lighting 200x300 - Why Linearfluxx Neon flex flex strip for cover lighting 265x300 - Why Linearfluxx Neon flex ambient lighting 300x202 - Why Linearfluxx Neon flex mmexport1546768839657 300x184 - Why Linearfluxx Neon flex rgbcct strip lights 22 1 300x225 - Why Linearfluxx Neon flex


















clear neon flex green color 300x300 - Why Linearfluxx Neon flex

Customized  clear neon flex in FL USA











Linearfluxx is a professional LED flexible strip light, flexible wall washer,and led neon flex China for more than 10 years, if you are looking for reliable flexible LED strip supplier, please don’t hesitate to email sales@linearfluxx.com or what’app:+8618033058056