led flex strip flex neon in lighting design

led flex strip flex neon in lighting design

Flexible lighting in lighting design

LED strips are popular because they are flexible and can be used in different places. The home suspended ceiling is no longer the only choice for decorative lighting. Using simple light strips can also improve the space to a higher level. Today we look at where to use light strips from the principle of lighting design.

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Light gives life and soul to architectures,Compared with other architectural materials, it is the part that presents the most visual quality, like space design, texture and so on.

Using lighting design to construct a free, flexible and imaginative temperament space is like a kind of magical –“the space magic”, which can not only bring basic lighting effects, but also show great artistic appeal.

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It can not only beautify the space and create an atmosphere like “wall makeup”, but also make the whole building full of fun and vitality, through ingenious light and shadow changes,brightness and darkness contrasts, bringing shocking visual effects.

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Among the various lighting designs that are popular nowadays, the appearance frequency of strip light is undoubtedly the highest. The flex strips can weaken their own sense of existence through hiding forms, gradually arranging along the corresponding space outline, and form a unique geometric or curved shape together with the wall. When it is necessary to provide lighting functions, the light strip can instantly ignite the atmosphere of the entire space, grabbing people’s visual focus, and creating a light, agile and exquisite space context.

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people say that every building has two lives, one in the daytime and one in the night. The architectural life at night depends on the perfect lighting effect to display. Buried light strips on the top and bottom of the wall can not only illuminate, but also have the function of washing the wall and adding a sense of modernity to the space.

Light wall washing, as a design concept, was first created by two design masters, Richard Kelly and Philip Johnson

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It refers to the use of multiple hidden light sources to form a group of floodlights to evenly illuminate the wall. “Let the light wash over the wall like water”, thus greatly improving the aesthetics of the space.

In the minimalist space, the pre-embedded cob strip light, in every corner, endow space with breathtaking layered beauty, makes a bright space brighter, has the magic power of guiding sight and awakening emotions,eventurlly.

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Next, let’s explore the light philosophy (three principles of light-Focal Glow, Ambient Luminescence and Sparkling of Brilliants ) of Richard Kelly, the father of modern lighting design, and to see how he uses the “weapon” of light to create Space of infinite fantasy for us.

1.Focal Glow

needs to highlight the key parts of the lighting to instantly attract the viewer’s visual focus. Such as: the center of the stage, the product display area for sales or display, the corridor passage of the hotel, the safety exit…

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Installation of the IP65 10X10 neon flex on the stairs, not only brings a sense of security, by lighting up the space, but also makes this area more layered, and giving the beauty of the rhythm of the stairs.

2.Ambient Luminescence

The concept of ambient lighting is relatively abstract. It means that the environment does not emit light directly, but generates a kind of “shadowless lighting” through the rendering of different forms of light effects. It’s like the twilight in the morning after snow, the sky dyed red by the setting sun…

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3.Sparkling of Brilliants

The sparkling brilliants has a dynamic aesthetic feeling, bringing more shocking vitality to the space. It is like a ray of light entering the space through the window, making the interior space float in the hazy light and shadow.

Flex strip lighting in design

  1. flexible strip for ceiling

Remove the main light and change it to a recessed light, set up a light strip in the ceiling, use the light strip design with its own suspension effect, combine with downlights, spotlights, etc. to enrich the top surface, make the space have a sense of hierarchy, and form a soft, Bright, full and moody ambiance.If a light strip is set at the junction of different functional areas, it can also divide the space and complete the transition, and present a comfortable and harmonious lighting environment through dramatic light and dark contrast.

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2. led strip light for facade lighting.

The light strip for interior facade lighting is simple and stylish, with a more three-dimensional and virtual sense. It can collide with round curves or interesting geometric shapes, bringing full vitality to the space.

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The application of ​​the light strip is very wide, it can be matched with decorative paintings, soft bags, bathroom mirrors, uneven background walls, etc., to draw out a strong artistic atmosphere. For example, the background walls of the living room and bedroom, walls such as stairs and aisles, can be designed with a combination of light strips and space, which can render an elegant and restrained temperament.

3. COB Strip light for cabinets

The design of the light strips in the shelves, large wardrobes, and kitchen wall cabinets,  is soft and not glaring, which can greatly improve the basic lighting in dark cabinets. When opening the cabinet, there will be no visual gap due to the darkness inside the cabinet.

led strip for cabinet 300x225 - led flex strip flex neon in lighting design








4. flexible strip light IP65 ip67 for floor.

It is also a good way to decorate the lighting in the aisle, the bottom of the bed, the bottom of the TV wall, etc. Because it can play a finishing touch and add luster to life.

The light strip can even be used on the ground, using light to clearly separate each area, making the whole space look layered, and this kind of soft and hazy light can bring people a sense of security.

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Three Musketeers-wall washering, wall grazing, and Internal transmitted light lighting for facade lighting



Beam Angle (Spread): The central part of the beam of light from a reflector lamp (i.e. BR, MR and PAR types) where the intensity is 50% of the maximum candle power.

BBBL: The Chromaticity Coordinate of LED is below theBlack Body Curve.

Black Body / Black Body Radiator: An object that absorbs all electromagnetic radiation falling on it.Because it reflects no light, a black body appears black.As a black body is heated to incandescence, it radiates light in a sequence of colors, from red to orange to yellow to white to blue, depending on its temperature. This color sequence describes a curve within a color space, known as the black-body curve.

Black Body Curve: A curve within a color space describing the sequence of colors emitted by a black-body radiator at different temperatures.

Brightness: The attribute of a visual sensation according to which an area appears to emit more light or less light.

Candela (cd): The measuring unit of luminous intensity of a light source in a given direction. A light source may have different intensities depending upon the given direction which the measurement is taken. The old measurement equated to the amount of light produced by a standard candle.

Color Rendering Index (CRI): An index from 0-100 measuring a light source’s ability to render color accurately. Sodium lamps can have a CRI as low as 22,while tungsten Halogen lamps can have a CRI as high as 100 Any lamps rated above 80 CRI tend to be of good color rendering.

Ra: An average value of color rendering index R1 to R8, which measuring a light source’s ability to render color accurately.

Color Temperature: The measure of the color appearance of a light source which describes the apparent warmth of coolness of that light source.

Ambient Temperature (Ta): The air temperature surrounding the device.

Chromaticity: An objective specification of the quality of colour regardless of its luminance.

C.I.E. Standard Colourmetric System: System for the numerical classification of colours of light and body colours. The chromaticity diagram is a two-dimensional diagram in which the colour loci of all colours and colour mixes are represented in grades of saturation rangingfrom the pure colour through to white, which can be numerically expressed by their x y coordinates. Colour mixes are located on a straight line drawn between the colours to be mixed; the colour of light of thermal radiators lies on the defined curvature of the Planckian curve.

Cut-off Angle: Angle above which no direct reflection of the lamp is visible within the reflector. With Darklight reflectors the luminaire cut-off angle is identical to the lamp cut-off angle.

Shielding Angle: With downlights, this is the angle subtended between the horizontal plane and a straight line extended from the edge of the luminaire to the edge of lamp. It is a dimension for the visual comfort of a luminaire in addition to the luminaire cut-off angle.

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DIM to Warm: A products are suited for hospitality and entertainment venues such as hotels, restaurants,cafeteria and theatres, where there is a desire to mimic the behavior of incandescent lamps. When delivering maximum light output, the color is white, but when lighting is dimmed, the CCT drops to simulate dimmed incandescent or candlelight. Judges observed that the color quality in the submitted product was stellar, even at the lowest end of the dimming range.

Tunable White Light: White-light LED fixtures that combine channels of warm white and cool white LEDs to produce a range of color temperatures.

Extrusion: a process used to create objects of a fixed cross-sectional profile. A material is pushed through a die of the desired cross-section.

General Lighting: Lighting designed to provide a substantially uniform level of illuminance throughout an area, exclusive of any provision for special local requirements.

Accent Lighting: Directional lighting to emphasize a particular object or surface feature, or to draw attention to a part of the field of view.

Architectural lighting: Term given to lighting concepts using both daylight and artificial light, whereby the technical solution is an integral constituent part of the architecture.

Direct Lighting: Lighting involving luminaires that distribute 90% to 100% of the emitted light in the general direction of the surface to be illuminated. The term usually refers to light emitted in a downward direction.

Office lighting: This is specifically oriented about the requirements for VDU workplaces; see VDU lighting. A distinction is drawn between ambient lighting, workplace-oriented ambient lighting and individual workplace lighting.

Indirect Lighting: Lighting involving luminaires that distribute 90% to 100% of the emitted light upward.

IP Rating (Protection class): Indicates the measures taken to prevent contactable metal parts from conducting current in case of a fault  occurring.

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Lens: A transmitting element used to change the direction and control the distribution of light rays.

Light distribution curve A three dimensional shape describing the light distribution from a light source or a luminaire.

Light Intensity(cd): The amount of light falling on a given point.

Lifetime: The estimated period in working life span.

LM-79: Photometric testing report for LEDs that contains information such as lumens, color temperature, power, current, etc.

LM-80: Testing report for LEDs that contains information on the lifespan of the LED.

MacAdam Ellipse: A MacAdam ellipse is the region on a chromaticity diagram which contains all colors which are indistinguishable, to the average human eye, from the color at the center of the ellipse.

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Standard deviation of color matching (SDCM): Describes the difference between two colors. A difference of one to three SDCM “steps” is virtually imperceptible, a difference of four SDCM steps is just noticeable, and a difference of more than four SDCM steps is readily visible.

Modular design: A design approach that subdivides a system into smaller parts called modules, which can be independently created and then used in different luminaires. A modular system can be characterized by functional partitioning into discrete scalable, reusable modules

Projector: A lighting unit that, by means of mirrors and lenses, concentrates the light into a limited solid angle so as to obtain a high value of luminous intensity.

Shielding Angle: With downlights, this is the angle subtended between the horizontal plane and a straight line extended from the edge of the luminaire to the edge of lamp. It is a dimension for the visual comfort of a luminaire in addition to the luminaire cut-off angle.

Spotlight: Luminaire in which the predominant direction of light distribution can be aimed at any desired point by rotating and tilting; used mainly with track.

Downlight: A small direct-lighting unit that directs the light downward and can be recessed, surface mounted,or suspended.

Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): A measure of the distortion of an electrical wave form. THD is expressed in percent and may refer to individual electrical loads (such as a ballast). The ANSI recommendation is for THD to be no greater than 24%.

Visual comfort: Visual comfort expresses the lighting quality with regard to parameters such as illuminance, elimination of glare and colour rendition.

Wallwasher: Luminaire with special reflector system or reflector lens system for uniform lighting of walls; it is essential that the wallwashers are spaced equally and are parallel to the wall.

Ultraviolet (UV): The portion of the electromagnetic spectrum in which the longest wavelength is just below the visible spectrum, extending from approximately 4nm to approximately 400nm.

Wavelength: Distance between two successive points of a periodic wave. The wavelengths of light are typically expressed in nanometers (nm), or billionths of a meter.

UGR(Unified Glare Rating): The unified glare rating is a formula for measuring glare levels, calculated for lightning systems at the design stage.

Work Plane: The plane on which a visual task is usually done, and on which the illuminance is specified and measured. Unless otherwise indicated, this is assumed to be a horizontal plane 0.76 meters (30 inches) above the floor.

Trailing Edge Dimmer: A type of dimmer that regulates power to lamps by delaying the end of each half-cycle of AC power. Compatible with many LED fixtures.

Leading Edge Dimmer: A type of dimmer that regulates power to lamps by delaying the leading edge of each half-cycle of AC power. Compatible with many LED fixtures.

Triac Dimmer: TRIAC dimmers are designed for resistive loads such as incandescent or halogen lights and have a significant installed base in the worldwide.

DALI(Digital Addressable Lighting Interface): A digital communications protocol for controlling and dimming lighting fixtures, originally developed in Europe.

Surface Mounted Luminaire: A luminaire that is mounted directly on a wall or on the ceiling.

Suspended (pendant) Luminaire: A luminaire that is hung from a ceiling by supports.

Soft Light: Diffuse illumination that produces soft-edged, poorly defined shadows on the background when an object is placed in its path; A luminaire designed to produce such illumination.


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